AVENTO Multi-Training Door Bar

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With this Avento multi-fitness trainer you get a total personal gym with a wide variety of exercise possibilities.

Train the upper body with pull-ups and vary in grip positions to train different muscle groups.

Make your workout as tough as you want.

The clever design makes the trainer easy to use on an (overhanging) door frame, without using screws.

You can also place the multi-fitness trainer on the floor as a stable base to practice push-ups and triceps dips.

Furthermore, you can secure the multi-fitness trainer to the bottom of the door frame to hook your feet under for sit-ups.

In short, you can transform your doorway into a personal gym in no time with a wide variety of exercises.

The robust multi-fitness trainer is made of durable steel with a luxury finish and has soft foam handles for a proper and comfortable grip.

- frame is made of steel with brushed powder coating.

- foam-covered handgrips.

- synthetic connector.

- suitable for a user with a body weight up to 100 kg.

- suitable for doorframes with doors 60-90 cm.

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